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Myanmar, Vietnam Test Travelers for Ebola 12/16/2014

Myanmar, Vietnam Test Travelers for Ebola

Health officials in Myanmar, also known as Burma, quarantined a 22-year-old man they thought might have the potentially deadly virus. He was returning home Tuesday from Guinea in West Africa along with four others, and may also have traveled to Liberia.

On Wednesday, Thai health officials said they were told the man in question does not have Ebola, but is sick with malaria. However, the chief doctor at the hospital where the man was taken told VOA Wednesday that no official determination has yet been made. She said blood samples were sent to India for evaluation by the World Health Organization.

Myanmar has one of the world's worst funded and poorly equipped health care systems. Many people there do not even have access to basic medical care.

In Vietnam, various news agencies are reporting that several Nigerians are being monitored for possible Ebola virus infections. Vietnam has mandatory temperature checks at its two major airports to guard against passengers bringing Ebola into the country.

Source: VOA