​The Prime Minister chaired the Standing meeting of the Government on COVID-19 prevention

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The Prime Minister chaired the Standing meeting of the Government on COVID-19 prevention

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired the meeting

In Southeast Asia, 103,703 cases and 3,062 deaths were recorded, of which Singapore had the highest number of cases (38,296), Indonesia recorded the highest number of deaths (1,851); 4 countries have not recorded deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic (Vietnam, Cambodia, Timo-Leste, and Laos). According to the Steering Committee's report (as of 5 pm, 8/6), the world has recorded more than 7, 1 million cases of COVID-19 in 215 countries and territories; 406,353 deaths.

Regarding the epidemic trend in the world, according to a report of the World Health Organization (WHO), up to now, there have been 83 countries/regions having recorded infection in the community, 82 countries/regions. there was a cluster of cases, 36 countries/regions appeared scattered cases, 2 territories did not record cases.

America is still the country with the highest number of cases and deaths in the world with over 2 million cases and over 100,000 deaths; however, the number of daily deaths has been on a downward trend in recent days. In South America, countries continued to see an increase in the number of new cases and deaths, especially in Brazil and Chile.

In Europe, the disease tends to be reduced. Many countries are moving towards the relaxation of restrictions. The European Union is expected to open to tourists outside the region from July 2020.

Asia recorded positive signs from some countries such as mainland China with no more domestic cases, South Korea 5 consecutive days without death, Japan plans to open tourism to with 4 countries including Vietnam.

In Vietnam, there were 332 cases of COVID-19 (no new cases recorded in the community for 54 consecutive days); On June 8, there were 3 new cases recorded, namely, passengers entering and returning to Vietnam were quarantined immediately after entry.

To date, there have been 316 cases cured (accounting for 95%); 16 patients are undergoing treatment, of which 15 are in stable condition, patient number 91 has improved. Currently, the patient is sitting up, exercising, practicing eating, and recognizing well.

On 8/6, the medical quarantine is implementing 8,182 people who have been in close contact with and entered from the epidemic area, of which 141 cases were isolated at medical facilities; 7,093 cases of concentrated isolation, and 948 people isolated at home and in accommodation.

However, the number of cases in the world is still large while our economy has a large openness and deep integration. Prime Minister suggested the meeting to discuss some issues such as opening international routes. The number of experts, skilled workers, investors, and managers entering Vietnam is not small. Currently, many localities have recommendations to bring experts and managers to implement projects. So the problem is to have appropriate measures. Besides, overseas Vietnamese have more and more demand for water. Isolation management must also be raised. Another problem is the strict control of entry from the border. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the Prime Minister said that society was back to work quite bustling. Support package for businesses to borrow 0% concessional loans from the Social Policy budget to pay the stop wages for employees, so far, no loan has been disbursed. This shows that the business recovers and soon returns to operation.

The Prime Minister suggested continuing to build up a communication scenario on Vietnam's epidemic prevention and control with the spirit of proactiveness, not losing vigilance in the context of returning to normal operation in the new situation. The dual goal is to prioritize socio-economic development and prevent the COVID-19 outbreak from coming back.

The Government e-portal will continue to inform about this meeting.



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