​Online conference to strengthen disease prevention, vaccination and vaccination safety by 2020

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Online conference to strengthen disease prevention, vaccination and vaccination safety by 2020

On the morning of September 21, 2020 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Health organized an online conference on strengthening disease prevention, vaccination and vaccination safety in 2020. Comrade Do Xuan Tuyen, Deputy Minister Health presided over the Conference. At the central bridge point, there are representatives of leaders and specialists of Departments / Departments / Offices / units under and directly under the Ministry of Health and related units. At 700 bridges across the country (Online meeting rooms of the Health Services, units under the Ministry of Health, Viettel branches in provinces, cities, districts) are representatives of the People's Committee; Health service Dept; Leaders of hospitals, Health Centers of provinces / cities.

Mr. Do Xuan Tuyen, Deputy Minister of Health, spoke at the Conference

Speaking at the opening of the Conference, Mr. Do Xuan Tuyen, Deputy Minister of Health, said: "In recent years, infectious diseases have been gradually controlled, especially COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. However, for other epidemics such as dengue fever, hand, foot, mouth, and malaria, although it has decreased sharply compared to the same period in 2019, in recent years, dengue fever epidemic still recorded received a locally increasing number of infections in a number of localities, especially in the central provinces and the Central Highlands, many cases of diphtheria are reported ".

According to forecasts, in the last months of 2020 and early 2021, the epidemic is still complicated. In particular, the winter-spring weather is a favorable time for disease to develop. Following the direction of the Government and the Prime Minister, Vietnam continues to realize the dual goal of both socio-economic development and epidemic prevention.

Online bridges across the country join online

At the Conference, the situation of dengue fever, diphtheria and epidemic prevention activities has been implemented as well as the technical guidelines for the monitoring, treatment and prevention of diphtheria. Provide technical guidance at all levels on dengue monitoring, treatment, and prevention together with updates on dengue treatment regimens in adults, treatment regimens for dengue in children, diphtheria treatment regimen. In addition, at the conference, it also stated the procedure of safe vaccination and regulations on monitoring vaccination accidents.

TS. Dang Quang Tan, Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine reported at the Conference

In order to proactively prevent and prevent epidemics in the coming time, Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen directs the vaccination work: suggest that right after this conference, the Department of Health of the provinces report to the People's Committee to build develop and implement fully and safely vaccination under the direction of the Ministry of Health in 4 vaccination plans (OPV supplementation plan, MR vaccination plan, cold chain assurance plan for VX, Plan of tetanus - diphtheria (Td) dose reduction vaccine for children 7 years old)

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Do Xuan Tuyen, Deputy Minister of Health, suggested that after this Conference, the Department of Health will act as the focal point to implement the following contents:

1. Advise the People's Committees of provinces and cities to strengthen the direction of all levels and sectors to strengthen prevention and control activities, integrate COVID-19 prevention and control under the Government's directives, Prime Minister, Ministry of Health; have specific plans to immediately implement appropriate measures to prevent the outbreak and outbreak of disease. Special attention should be paid to remote and isolated districts and communes, in extremely difficult areas with high risks of epidemics, limited access to health services, and high population volatility.

2. Strengthen health communication and education, increase the broadcasting of messages and recommendations to the people on measures to prevent common diseases in the winter-spring season; perform well the personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, use clean water and ensure food safety; organizing hand washing campaign with soap, implementing food safety, hygiene, eating and drinking; voluntarily kill larvae (larvae); propagating epidemic prevention and control measures in households and communities through many forms such as neighborhood meeting, people meeting, training, on-the-spot instruction, leaflets, loudspeaker, radio, press , TV; communicate the benefits of vaccination and vaccination.

3. Closely coordinate with the Education and Training sector to vigorously implement epidemic prevention activities at educational institutions from the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. provide enough soap, clean water and hand washing facilities for students; Instruct students and caregivers to wash their hands with soap, and clean surfaces and toys every day with soap or common detergents.

4. Mobilizing students to participate in activities of classroom cleaning, environmental sanitation, and instruction of activities aimed at eliminating larvae (larvae) at water containers in the house and surrounding areas. Early detecting cases of disease at educational establishments, immediately notify local health agencies to organize examination, treatment and timely treatment of outbreaks.

5. To direct medical units to strengthen surveillance, early detect cases of disease, quarantine and promptly handle epidemics in order to prevent outbreaks in the community; increase sampling to determine the pathogen; strengthen mobile anti-epidemic teams, mobile first-aid teams ready to investigate, verify, evaluate, and handle outbreaks and assist lower levels in controlling outbreaks, giving first aid and treatment when necessary. Organize the treatment of patients well, pay attention to critically ill patients, minimize death cases. Practice well preventing cross-contamination in treatment facilities.

6. Strengthen the direction of vaccination implementation in the provinces in charge, ensure the vaccination rate reaches 95% on the commune and ward scale. Especially in the provinces that record cases of diphtheria in the Central Highlands, continue to implement Decision No. 3054 / QD-BYT dated July 15, 2020 of the Ministry of Health on approving the vaccination plan. anti-diphtheria. Accelerate the implementation of the Td vaccination campaign in 2020-2021 according to Decision 2155 / QD-BYT dated May 25, 2020 of the Ministry of Health. Handling vaccination situations, post-vaccination reactions, communication crisis in the area. Strengthen supervision and urge units and localities to comply with current regulations to ensure vaccination quality.

7. Coordinate with Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade and related units in strengthening surveillance, early detection of epidemic outbreaks in animals, especially avian influenza, thoroughly handling outbreak not to infect people; prevent and prevent illegal transportation and trade of poultry and poultry products, ensure good performance of bird flu prevention and control activities in general and arrest and destruction activities. handling and smuggled poultry products.

8. To proactively prepare sufficient funds to meet the demand for drugs, materials, chemicals and equipment for epidemic prevention and control activities. Organize training courses and update knowledge on disease detection and treatment surveillance at all levels to improve the capacity of health workers.

9. Organize interdisciplinary inspection teams to inspect and support localities to immediately solve difficulties and problems and take timely and appropriate direction measures.

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